The Sheik Remains 1 Contender Through Series vs. Phil Shatter!

Mere days before NWA North American Champion, The Sheik, was scheduled to defend his title against NWA National Champion, Phil Shatter, NWA Executive Director, Bob Trobich, sent out a bombshell press release culminating in the following statement:
“In order to retain his status as No. 1 contender and receive a title shot at the NWA World title, The Sheik must not lose either match this weekend against NWA National Champion, The Universal Soldier, Phill Shatter.”
The message was clear: The NWA doesn’t want The Sheik anywhere near it’s Worlds Heavyweight Title.
Unfortunately for Trobich, The Sheik would indeed go on to defeat Shatter in both matches and solidify his position as the #1 contender and his right to a Worlds Heavyweight Title match. Did he win both matches by pinfall? No, but he did win both matches.
Ironically, it was Phil Shatter’s need to avenge his last loss to the notoriously violent “Middle Eastern Madman” that proved too much to contain.
NWA MidWest Xtreme Limit – Waukesha, WI – Feb. 4, 2011
On the 1st night of the series, Shatter attacked The Sheik with a vengeance. Pummeling the North American Champion with closed fists, repeatedly ignoring the Referee’s instruction to stop. This wasn’t a wrestling match, it was a fight, a brawl, an all out war between 2 of the top 3 singles wrestlers in the NWA. While The Sheik held his own against “The Universal Soldier”, giving as much as he received, it appeared as though this would not be “The Middle Eastern Madman’s” night. Until Shatter’s temper got the best of him and he physically assaulted the referee, tossing him half way across the ring in his quest for revenge. That was more than the ref would allow and he quickly called for the bell, disqualifying Shatter and awarding the victory to The Sheik.
NWA MidWest Supreme – Streator, IL – Feb. 5, 2011
The 2nd night saw much of the same, albeit with considerably more actual wrestling on display. The two champions went back and forth for more than 30 minutes with each man gaining the upper hand several times. The end came in confusion as The Sheik had the camel clutch hooked in. As the people were chanting “USA, USA” and “Shatter, Shatter”, Phil powered up and bulled Sheik backward into the corner trapping the Ref and squashing him. Shatter followed with a bulldog powerslam and went for the pin as the fans counted “1-2-3!” over and over. Shatter, realizing he was missing, went to wake the Ref. The Sheik reached into his trunks for something, quickly got to his feet, took a swing at Shatter, but missed. The National Champ attempted an atomic drop, but Sheik busted him in the head and they crashed to the canvas with The Sheik ending up in a pinning position. The, still groggy, Ref rolled over and made a very slow 3 count, awarding the match and solidifying the position of #1 contender to “The Sheik”.
When asked for comments, the combatants had the following to say:
Phil Shatter, NWA National Heavyweight Champion:
“Sheik! You may have been awarded the victories, but we both know that I beat you last night and tonight. So now you get your shot at the Worlds Heavyweight Title, Good Luck! Just remember, you cost me my last shot in Charlotte, by attacking the champ before the bell… Who’s to say I won’t be making an appearance at your title match? All’s fair in War, and make no mistake, WE ARE AT WAR!”
The Sheik, NWA North American Heavyweight Champion:
“HAHAHAHA, “NWA Golden Boy” Phil Shatter, you have proved, to the world, that The Sheik is the better man. You have proved, to the world, that The Sheik is true #1 contender. You have proved, to NWA and Bob Trobich, that Sheik is unstoppable. Now Sheik will prove, to the world, that I am the best, by claiming NWA Worlds heavyweight Title. ADAM PEARCE… I’M COMING FOR WHAT’S MINE!”
Full Results:
NWA MidWest Xtreme Limit – Waukesha, WI – Feb. 4, 2011
*NWA North American Title Match
The Sheik(c) defeated NWA National Champion, Phil Shatter by Disqualification
* NWA MidWest Heavyweight Title MatchSadist(c) defeated Brandon Haze by pinfall
* NWA Heartland States Heavyweight Title MatchDerek St. Holmes defeated Matt Winchester(c) by pinfall to win the Title
* 3 Way Dance to Determine #1 contender for the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Title*Tony Kozina defeated TW3 and Chase McCoy* Match was a substitution when NWA World Jr. Champion, Craig Classic, couldn’t appear due to flight delays.
* The Beer City Bruisers (“Cadillac” Nick Collucci and Frankie “The Thumper” DeFalco)defeated the Urban Assault Team (Jared “The Jackyl” and “The Alpha Dog” Mase Morgan)
* Dysfunction defeated TC Washington.
NWA MidWest Supreme – Streator, IL – Feb. 5, 2011
*NWA North American Heavyweight Title Match
The Sheik(c) defeated NWA National Champion, Phil Shatter by Pinfall
* NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title Match Craig Classic(c) defeated Former Champion, Tony Kozina by Pinfall
* NWA Heartland States Heavyweight Title MatchDerek St. Holmes(c) defeated Bear St. Pierre by Pinfall
* NWA MidWest X-Division Title MatchOliver Cain(c) defeated DaCobra by submission
* Shank Barzini defeated Jason Lyte by Pinfall
* Christian Rose fought Truk Thompson to a No Contest
* Aaron Matthews defeated Jimmy Karry by Pinfall

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