The Sheik on Celebrity Dirty Laundry

For a guy who doesn’t speak to much, the world certainly takes notice of when the Sheik does speak. It was nearly a year ago through his handlers the Sheik called Blue Demon Jr. a paper champion and he was too busy meeting celebrities like the Jonas Brothers.  Websites across the country were picking up on the story and if you don’t believe me, google it.  The show down between Blue Demon Jr. and The Sheik never happened. But the two stars would dish out their hate in a War of Words. However, unlike last year the Sheik’s quest for the World Title isn’t just a War of Words.
After the “Infamous Charlotte Incident,” The Sheik broke his vow of silence to explain his actions.  From a 70ft. Yatch, Adam Pearce responded and vowed retaliation.  And mirroring the  media’s reaction to The Sheik and Blue Demon, websites like Celebrity Dirty,,,, and more popping up every hour.
Tonight from the Galaxy Theatre, NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, will be taping for its first television show.  It just so happens both Pearce and the Sheik are scheduled to be at the event, although no match is scheduled between the two.  But they will be in the same locker room since the “Infamous Charlotte Incident.”  It isn’t a matter of if these two will step into a ring to face each other, but when.  And in “Hollywood” tonight the powder keg is set, but who will light the fuse… The Sheik or World Champion Pearce?  

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