The Sheik claims another prize on the road to the NWA World Champion.

This weekend will go down as a bittersweet for the Sheik. Originally slated to challenge for the Worlds Heavyweight Championship on October 24th in Chicago Illinois, The Sheik was denied his chance when some changes were made in NWA Midwest Promoters. A last minute call kept the Sheik from canceling his transportation to Illinois. In fact, the Sheik was invited to fill in the vacancy of challenger to the NWA Midwest Heavyweight Championship bout on October 23rd, in Ashton, IL. for Rebellious Wrestling Federation. Silas Young, the two time champion won the championship by defeating the Roughneck Jay Ryan on August 15th, 2008. The one year plus, title reign came to an end on the 23rd. When The Sheik claimed another prize on his path to the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship. Former NWA Midwest Champions include; Chris Candido, Danny Dominion, and Ken Anderson who was recently known as the WWE’s Mr. Kennedy.

The NWA Sanctioned, Fussion Pro Wrestling Florida Heavyweight Champion and now NWA Midwest Champion as surely added to his resume, perhaps now would be the appropriate time to fax his business card to the NWA World Championship booking committee. Now that the original booker to the World Championship match between Demon Jr. and The Sheik, Danny Nieves has re-joined the NWA, perhaps a World Title Match between these two will happen much sooner than later.

The first Alliance-Wrestling Radio Episode featured the controversy involving the World Title match that didn’t happen between Blue Demon Jr. and The Sheik, you can listen to it hear.

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