The Schedule Dory Funk, Jr. NWA Houston Appearance Postponed

NWA has announced on there Facebook page that Dory Funk, Jr. will not be appearing on Saturday night January 25th at NWA Houston event # 35 as originally schedule. Dory Funk, Jr. was suppose to appear that night for the NWA Women’s Worlds title match between challenger Barbi Hayden and current NWA Women’s Worlds Champion Kacee Carlisle. He was going to present the winner of that match with the brand new J.P. Championship Belts made NWA Women’s Worlds Championship title belt. He was also schedule to hold a 1 day pro wrestling clinic and seminar during the afternoon before the schedule card that evening. Bill Behren’s recently announced he is apart of some kind of national t.v. taping that Dory Funk, Jr. has been booked for on the very same day as the schedule NWA Houston event.
According to Jerry Wiseman, the NWA and Dory Funk, Jr. came to a mutual agreement to postpone the schedule Dory Funk, Jr. appearance. The following statement was released by the NWA via there Facebook page and the NWA Houston website;
” *** Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, Dory Funk, Jr. visit to NWA Houston has been indefinitely postponed *** “
It should also be noted that the schedule Dory Funk, Jr. appearance for NWA Houston was announce way back in mid December of 2013. No new date has been set or announced.

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