The Rusty Saw Report for September 6th

By: The Rusty
I’m back, bitches.RUSTY SAW

I’m back at the Sawmill, Friday September 6th, for a special night of wrestling. Along with my heterosexual life mate Cliff, the master of the small package, are two newbie’s, Tim and Thomas. I hope both of them enjoyed the night.

Someone else was back at the SAWMill, as Jeff Daniels and Michael Graham were the announcing team for the night.

Opening Match: Ali Shabazz vs. Shane Smalls. Ali was introduced first, which confused me a bit. The crowd cheered both men, but Smalls eventually wrestled as the heel. Both men are very athletic, but Shabazz has spots where his offense goes at half speed, typically his kicks. He sells like gangbusters, though, so once he gets some more time in at the SAWMill, maybe that will correct itself. Perfectly acceptable opening match. Shane Smalls picks up the win with a package driver. Shane Smalls salutes the crowd on his way out.

Tag Team Action: Mayhem (HammerJack and HammerJill?) and a sledgehammer vs. Jason Nation, Doug Gilbert, and Doug Gilbert’s baseball bat. Cliff and I place bets on if Doug Gilbert will take any bumps, and I bemoan the loss of HammerJacks velvet pants. Doug spends a lot of time hugging with the crowd. Mayhem picks up the DQ win after Doug Gilbert gives Mayhem some very soft baseball bat shots. This match isn’t for me, I get that, its for the people that watched Doug Gilbert at the Fairgrounds in the 80’s. For the record, Doug took zero bumps. Gilbert told the crowd he will be back on September the 27th along with Brian Christopher.

Cliff Compton came out and absolutely destroyed LT Falk. I don’t think Falk got a second of offense in. He then got on the mic and made it clear that he was a very big deal.

Kevin Weatherby (with Preston Weatherby) vs. Yaden Matthews (with Reno Riggins) was next. Chris Michaels kept coming out to talk with Reno Riggins. Man, Yaden is jacked, and Kevin looks absolutely tiny against him. Kevin wins with a schoolboy while Yaden is staring at Reno going up the ramp with Chris Michaels.

In a real treat, Heidi Lovelace wrestled form TNA Gut Check winner Taeler Hendrix. Ms. Hendrix’s push up bra was working overtime tonight. The two women actually wrestled a lot of ground and pound submission wrestling. It was one of the better matches of the night, and maybe the best women’s match we have ever seen live. If SAW can bring quality women like this, and maybe ask Tracy Taylor to come back with her Title, they could have a women’s division again.

The massive Lance Erikson was out next, with Jeremiah Plunkett right behind him. He wasted no time in going after Erikson. Plunkett has the biggest thighs in the SAWMill, and with me and some of the women in attendance, that’s really saying something. Erikson wins when Jeremiah Plunkett could no longer continue.

Hot Rod Biggs came out and said Crimson wasn’t there, and demanded the referee start the match and give Biggs a count out victory. Crimson’s music hit at 9, and apparently entrance music can stop a match, as Crimson made his way down to the ring. Biggs held his own for a few minutes, but Crimson put him away for the victory, becoming the new NWA-SAW Heavyweight Champion.

Shane Smalls pulled double duty, against Standout Charles Alexander. This match started out as a good, athletic match, but ended in a hurry when the Standout and Smalls miscommunicated on a move, and Smalls looked to legit hurt his shoulder. Hot Rod Biggs was first out from the back to help tend to Smalls, and he left with some assistance and wearing a neck brace. I really hope it’s nothing serious.

The Headliner, Chris Michaels, with his new manager Ankle socks and Reno Riggins, took on the returning Kid Kash. This was a slow starting match. Michaels wins while Kash is jawing with Reno, and Kash challenges Michaels to a match next week, with 5 minutes with Reno Riggins at stake.

In a bonus match, with the crowd leaving, Crimson defended his newly won NWA-SAW Heavyweight Title against Cliff Compton in a street fight.

The Good
1. Crimson. Great to see him back in Nashville, and apparently sticking around for a while.
2. Cliff Compton. Not a huge name, but a good talent. I hope his feud with Crimson has some legs.
3. Kid Kash. I don’t like him as much as a face, but Kash is a great talent who can do good things for SAW. I hope he stays a little while too.
4. Lance Erikson. One half of the NWA Southern Tag Team Titles. Man, this guy is big. Moves pretty well for a big guy too.
5. Taeler Hendrix. Pretty, and a darn good wrestler too. Not the female Dean Malenko, but good enough and a hell of a lot sexier.
6. Anthony Wayne. Very underrated as a referee. The faces he makes and some of the little things you do, we notice, Anthony.

The Bad
1. Doug Gilbert. Yeah, I know, sue me. I wasn’t here in his heyday, so he holds no nostalgia value to me, and brings very little to a match.
2. Preston Weatherby. I know, I know, what a jerk, he’s picking on a kid. I’ve yet to see Preston add something to a match. They need to give him something to do.
3. Anklesocks. I actually come to praise Mr. Pedigo. I usually say he adds nothing to a match, but he took a great bump tonight from Kash. I commend that.

The Ugly
1. Charles Alexander vs. Shane Smalls. The match that seemed to hurt Smalls was something like the third move in a fairly short time they had miscommunicated on. The Standout has a lot of talent, and they are obviously high on him, but tonight showed how green he still is. Having said that, the upper limit for him is pretty high. I could see him as the NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion sooner rather than later.
2. Hot Rod Biggs. Biggs is a great student of the game, but he really stood out on this show, body wise. He and Kevin look decidedly “Indy” compared to pretty much the rest of the card. That being said, I am glad Biggs was there tonight, as he seemed to take charge of the Smalls injury. He’s a guy I would definitely want in my locker room.

That’s all I got. It was a fine night of wrestling, and if this talent upgrade stays, NWA-SAW will have the best roster I’ve ever seen, bringing in the NWA Talent on a regular basis and the locals and other southern talent.
I had a car to pay for, but now Cliff and I are back to give our own unique view on the shows. You may agree, you may disagree, but I am always honest, and try to be entertaining. Feedback welcomed.

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