The re-activation of the NWA United National Heavyweight Championship

Mastao Tanaka, Takao Omori, Daisuke Sekimoto, are just some oft he names that have worn the NWA United National Heavyweight Championship belt in its short tenure.  However, even with such credibility the championship established seemingly faded away over time when Zero One’s NWA Membership was revoked those many years ago.  Originally intended to be the primary championship to represent Zero One, the United National Title became inactive over two years ago when K-Dojos’ Kengo Mashimo would win the championship.   Director of First On Stage, parent company of Z1, Yoshiyuki Nakamura has announced the title will be re-activated.  A representative from NWA Australia was quoted as saying “[We have] a lot of respect for the NWA UN belt, as it has been held in the past by wrestlers like Masato Tanaka etc. We received many request from wrestlers from Sydney and Melbourne to participate in a decision match for this belt.”  
The title will be appearing in NWA Pro Australia in February of 2011.  Nakamura-san even travelled to Australia to watch the NWA Pro Australia show titled Re-Emerging, where the NWA United National title was handed over to NWA Pro Australia.  In light of the many requests to challenge for the title, NWA Pro Australia has decided to run a tournament next year to crown the new champion. Mr. Nakamura signaled his hopes the ZERO1 wrestlers will make the trip to Austrlia to participate in the tournament.
Could a potential working relationship be blossoming in the South Pacific?  

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