The Pre-Party With Jay Cal April 27th | Alliance-Wrestling | NWA News

On this episode of Pre-Party;

It appears that we’re going to have quite a bunch of talking. Talk talk talk. Aldis is going to give Murdoch an ultimatum. (Those you usually don’t go well). Kamille and Thunder Rosa are going to have a summit over the NWA World Women’s Championship. Again, why can’t this be settled in the ring?

There will be some wrestling. Kratos will jump into the ring with the man who pinned him last week, Sal Rinauro. And The People’s Champion Da Pope will take on Tyrus.

We #talkNWA​ and want to hear your opinions!

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The Pre-Party With Jay Cal is a weekly live stream on Tuesdays at 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific. The goal is to build community and to interact with NWA Wrestling Fans. The stream airs before the latest episode of NWA POWERRR. We speak on news and information from the 72 years of the National Wrestling Alliance. The stream is available on Youtube and on Twitch.

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