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Sharing with you every Tuesday the news and information on the National Wrestling Alliance. On this episode of the Pre-Party:

Today the NWA released its entire lineup for the PPV, When Our Shadows Fall. Will you order? On this, the last offering from the NWA before the PPV, POWERRR SURGE #3 is set to have sit-downs with Thom, Kamille, and Aldis. William Patrick Corgan is going to address the viewing audience. And in a spotlight match, Tim Storm and Sal will team against a returning Hawx Aerie.

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The Pre-Party With Jay Cal is a weekly live stream on Tuesdays at 5 PM Eastern, 2 PM Pacific. The goal is to build community and interact with NWA Wrestling Fans. The stream airs before the latest episode of NWA POWERRR. We speak on news and information from the 72 years of the National Wrestling Alliance. The stream is available on Youtube and on Twitch.

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