The Pope Gets Shot at Ten Pounds of Gold | NWA NEWS

Prior to the NWA 73rd Anniversary, the National Wrestling Alliance introduced a new opportunity for a title shot. The Championship SeriesPope made the formal announcement on Season 8, Episode 3 of NWA POWERRR that he would like to envoke his cash in on Matt Cardona. After consideration, Billy granted the Pope a shot at the Worlds Heavyweight Championship on this week’s POWERRR.

The Pope made his debut for the NWA in the early seasons of NWA POWERRR. Although in a very different role, many believed that the Pope’s in-ring career was over. But a brief feud with Zicky Dice, landed Pope the NWA Television Championship. When the NWA returned from the pandemic, The Pope was one of the brightest spots in the NWA. 

His defenses against Luke Hawx, Matt Cross, and Fred Rosser were instant classics. After he lost the championship to Tyrus, Pope struggled with his spot on the card. Working only a handful of matches before being injured by the Cardonas at By Any Means Necessary. After some time out of action, Pope looks to be primed to make the most of this opportunity.

The Championship Series

Under the direction of Billy Corgan, the NWA introduced a new opportunity to earn title shots. The Championship Series would introduce a draft, teams, and a prize that would grant title shots to the victors. Each team consisted of a “legend,” team leader, and four more wrestlers. The teams would later add an alternate.
Pope and Velvet Sky drafted a team consisting of Trevor Murdoch, Jennacide, Jax Dane, Cyon, and Colby Corino. Murdoch cashed his title shot in at the 73rd Anniversary Show. Jennacide cashed her shot for a tag match against Hex. Jax Dane used his cash-in at the Crockett Cup to fight an already injured Anthony Mayweather. Sky, Cyon, and Colby have yet to use their challenges.

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