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Hello NWA fans, please allow me to share a short bio of myself as we get started in getting you caught up with some of the top NWA news in the Midwest.

My name is Brian Kelley, and I currently own and edit the wrestling website Missouri Wrestling Revival. The site is now going on five years of supporting pro wrestling in the Midwest. We currently work with approximately 17 plus promotions on the independent level to provide positive information on the stars in and out of the ring.

This year we produced our very own 2011 MWR Yearbook, a great read that features 260 pages and over 400 pages on an exciting 2011 year including full results, highlights, bios and exclusive art from cover artist Raven Johnson, Rob Schamberger and ICON art. The book can be found at for only $15.00.

We are also very proud of our MWR Trading card series that features many of the best in the Midwest past and present including NWA World Champion Adam Pearce, former NWA President Bob Geigel, former NWA Women’s champion MsChif and many other awesome men and women that work hard to entertain the fans around the world.

So enough about myself, before I get into the exciting news of the Midwest allow me thank everyone at for this opportunity to showcase the stars of the NWA in the Midwest to this wonderful website. I am honored and thrilled to join them into supporting the NWA. Let me first state that MWR currently only have 2 promotions in our coverage areas that we cover, the 2011 MWR Promotion of the year, Metro Pro Wrestling and NWA Dynamo.

Still some awesome promotions such as(2-time MWR Promotion of the year) 3XWrestling , Magnum Pro Wrestling and All American Pro Wrestling have brought in or about to bring in the NWA Worlds Champion this year.  A trend we hope that continues to happen as the NWA continues to make an impact in the wrestling world in the Modern area.

Adam Pearce captures the NWA World Champion in Kansas City for METRO PRO WRESTLING- 7/21/2012.

My love for the NWA world title began with the likes of Harley Race and Ric Flair, both men defended the title in some of the most exciting matches ever in the sport. When these two held the NWA World title, matches were held around the world with a hotspot being both St. Louis and Kansas City. History would be made on September 17, 1981 Ric Flair won his first ever World Championship by defeating Dusty Rhodes.

Fast forward over thirty years and there have been some really talented wrestlers that have entertained myself in the ring but no other NWA World Champion has been ( please forgive me Lex Luger) the total package as Race and Flair with the exception of Kurt Angle. They could wrestle, they could talk and most importantly they made you care, sometimes it was out of anger, sometimes it was with cheers but when they stepped through the ropes your eyes were on the match.

In 2011-2012 during his fourth NWA Title reign Adam Pearce has earned my respect and it is of my opinion that he is a man worthy of being mentioned in the talent level as the before mentioned champions. Pearce has delivered great matches over and over again in the Midwest against the likes of Michael Strider, Jeremy Wyatt, Ricky Cruz, “Babyface” Tony Cortez, “All That” Matt Murphy and the NWA National Champion Kahagas.

NWA FACT: Adam Pearce’s last successful 4 riegn NWA title defenses were against the NWA National Champion Kahagas at NWA Dynamo on Friday on April 6th and then the very next night against Matt Murphy at Metro Pro Wrestling. Less than 24 hours after taking on Murphy , Cabana would capture his 2nd NWA World title in California…..Did the tour of the Midwest take its toll on Adam Pearce’s “Last ride” tour?

An arch enemy has come back to haunt him during his fifth reign when Colt Cabana would defeat him for the second time to become a 2-time NWA World Champion. Pearce in a very heated moment challenged Cabana to the Seven Levels of Hate, an historic best of 7 series of matches for not only the title but Pearce’s career that features special stipulations in each match around the country.

That looked to be a huge mistake as Cabana while adding insult to injury during the third match at Steel Domain Wrestling in a I-quit match that not only had Pearce go down in the series 3-0 to Colt Cabana, but had to say the dreaded words I quit to his arch enemy.

With his back to the wall, Pearce would return to Kansas City, to Metro Pro Wrestling , a promotion that he has had some great success in the past but during his last appearance came up with a lost against KC legend Michael Strider during his final match.

Metro Pro Wrestling is among the top promotions in the country that can also lay claim to have the great support of wonderful and unique fans from around the Midwest. So this was an awesome and proper place for an historic match.

Unfortunately for Pearce this would not be a homecoming as the fans in KC hate him with a passion and would love nothing more to see him go down in defeat. Add on the fact that Pearce was fighting off being sick with fever and Cabana had Pearce in deep trouble.

At the end of the night, Pearce would be able to live to fight another day and lay claim as a 5-time NWA World Champion. Down 1-3, Pearce still has the odds against him so one more loss and Cabana regains the NWA Title and stops his arch rival from wrestling ever again.

After a grueling battle to become the NWA World Champion for the fifth time, Adam Pearce is able to breath for a quick moment in Kansas City. MWR Editor Brian Kelley feels as if Pearce is the real deal in and out of the ring, a great athlete, a great talker and just totally entertaining- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

NWA Kansas Champion Showtime Bradley Charles welcomes you to

See above Video.

Metro Pro Wrestling has seen the once popular Sir Bradley Charles transform into Showtime Bradley Charles. The results have been a much more focused SBC who captured the NWA Kansas title from Tyler Cook. The youngest member of the Kansas City Killers with NWA MPW Champion Mark Sterling and Jeremy Wyatt has had fans in an uproar over his attitude but one can’t knock the success he has once again found by joining the KCK- Photo Credit Brian Kelley

Showtime Bradley Charles

Training – Lance Storm, 2011 Harley Race WLW, WWE, Pro Wrestling NOAH training camp.

Awards- 2010 MWR Future Star Award.


Memories of the NWA

I am thrilled to have the very respected promoter of the Midwest, Herb Simmons share with me his beloved memories of NWA Wrestling at the Chase.

Simmons is the promoter of SICW and currently works with NWA Presidents Sam Muchnick’s right hand man Larry Matysik. The two works hard to deliver to the fans a great mix of yesterday and today with the TV show Wrestling Explosion. Wrestling Explosion features stars of today’s SICW and also the very entertaining matches from the NWA’S Wrestling at the Chase with both having with commentating from Matysik himself.

Without further ado Herb Simmons is here to recall a classic angle between Buddy Rogers and Bob Ellis.

It took place back around 1962.


One of the greats back then was a wrestler by the name of “Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers. He was the one of the first to style and profile for the fans. He used the,” Figure four leg lock” as a finisher during his matches. The figure four leg lock was a submission hold that won him a lot of matches not only in the St. Louis area but across the country. Back in the day Rogers ran rough shot over all the others that faced him.

Ellis was known as the first man to reverse the feared Figure four leg lock the Cowboy also served our country as a paratrooper in the United States Army during the Korean War.

One guy that came along to challenge him was the big cowboy that wore black trunks with horse shoes on the back of them. His name was “Cowboy” Bob Ellis. He was a good size worker and he used the finishing move called the, “Bull dog and Head lock”.

My memory of these two centers on the fact that Rogers would tout that there was no wrestler that could break out of the figure four leg lock. Week after week on the “Wrestling at the Chase” program he would use the hold to prove that no wrestler could break out of it boasting that he would beat everyone with it to send a message to the fans and the wrestlers in the locker room .

Then on one showBob Ellis came to ringside and as you can guess the Nature Boy took exception to him being at ringside, so the wrestler working Rogers suffered twice as long being locked up in the figure four leg lock. Rogers refused to break the hold and Ellis climbed into the ring and as fate would have it the feud between Rogers and Ellis began.

Ellis told Rogers that he could break out of the figure four leg lock. Rogers laughed and told Ellis that he would take Ellis upon his challenge at the next show so the fans could see that nobody could escape the figure four.

One week later wrestling fans such as myself either came to the show live or tuned into the “Wrestling at the Chase” broadcast to see Ellis break the figure four leg lock.

When both Ellis and Rogers appeared at ringside to test the Figure Four leg lock of Buddy Rogers, it would be the wrestling host Joe Garagolia attempting to get the action started. Rogers insisted Ellis lay on the floor outside of the ring. Ellis got on the floor and Rogers began to size up the situation, first walking back and forth, strutting his stuff. Then he walked around Ellis taking his time only to have Ellis jump up and complain that Rogers was stalling.

Garagolia was great at doing his part in pumping the crowd up.

After two different times of Ellis getting up from the floor threating to do harm to Rogers, Rogers finally said he was ready. Ellis slowly got back on the floor and as Rogers walked to the legs of Ellis, he reached down and grabbed onto the leg of Ellis and as he raised it up and implied he was ready, he began stomping Ellis all over his body. As Ellis was down on the floor Rogers continued to use the boots to bodily harm to him, the fans were in an uproar. The referee came out to break it up by Rogers shoved him aside and he continued to kick Ellis.

After several minutes of bashing Ellis after the lowdown move he told the crowd no man can break the hold or tell him what to do.

This was the beginning to a much anticipated match between Buddy Rogers and Cowboy Bob Ellis.

– Promoter Herb Simmons

Upcoming NWA Events in the Midwest



I hope to return next week to bring you a great look at a back to back shows of exciting wrestling during a weekend of NWA Wrestling at NWA Dynamo and Metro Pro Wrestling.


Brian Kelley

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