The NWA Returns to Chicago

NWA Midwest now has representation in the Windy City, Chicago based ICW has changed its name to NWA Chicago Lucha and will start representing the National Wrestling Alliance. NWA-OK president, Mr. Farat brokered the deal that saw NWA officials and IWC promoters come to an agreement. Mr. Farat will be serving on the board of directors for NWA Chicago Lucha and has promised that we’ll be seeing a lot of NWA-OK stars featured there in the future. NWA Oklahoma has dedicated six talents to be sent to Chicago for the inaugural event to be held in September. NWA Chicago Lucha uses a diverse roster that includes Luchadors and American Style Wrestlers. Their last show featured a match up with North American Champion “El Gran” Apollo and NWA Oklahoman regular Tom Donovan. The other NWA Oklahoma grapplers featured on the show were Al Farat, Thug Nasty, Nicky Sixx, and Billy Tiger.
Previously NWA Oklahoma attempted to work at an agreement with NWA Arizona’s Impact Zone Wrestling. However due to management changes in IZW, no join effort has taken place yet.

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