The NWA Removes All YouTube Video Content

Can we take just a minute to acknowledge how self entitled we become as fans? Do you remember growing up watching Wrestling that we were allowed? Or given? Maybe one to two hours a week? If you grew up young enough or old enough, I should say if you grew up when I did, let’s say, let’s say you grew up in the 1980s in the 1990s, like I did, well, then you had, you know, WWE superstars or WWE challenge on Saturdays and Sundays in syndication. And typically for me, it was on the Fox network. And if you had cable, which not everyone did, but if you had cable, W TBS, you’d get the Saturday night. And you occasionally get what the main event on Saturday mornings, so like 605 Eastern and then like, I don’t know, I think it was like 905. Eastern, you get to watch WC, NWA WCW. On on Turner, right.
And then you know, every
once in a while, we’d get those Saturday night main events, those usually led up to like the wrestlemanias, or, or the big pay per views, right or Clash of the Titans champions, excuse me, clash of the champions, also on Turner. And we were so grateful for the rare occurrence that we would get additional content on a Saturday night. And we’d set our VCRs to tape it or we would just stay up that late and watch it. And if you missed it, guess what? Tough tomatoes, you didn’t get to go back and watch it. There was no delivery service, you can order these shows. You can even buy these shows. If you missed them. That was just it was just it.
That was it.
And now we are in a time and place. That wrestling is available to you basically 24 hours a day, if you own the WWE Network, or if you’re on the New Japan Pro Wrestling network. Or if you’ve subscribed to the high spots, network, or even like now for free. For free. You can watch wrestling anytime on Pluto, or, you know, or just on YouTube. You can literally just go on YouTube and watch wrestling at any time any hour. Almost any promotion, right? So the NWA just removed your ability to watch that content
and we’re losing our minds. I’ve heard some people indicate they think that the WWE has bought the NWA because they pulled the content. Some people have had the idea that Billy Corgan is just throwing in the towel. That’s it. He’s done. What a bunch of self entitled jerks we are. It was just after 10 o’clock on the West Coast when I first got a message regarding the NWA and its Youtube channel. longtime friend of the show, Chris Drummond asked me if I had known about the NWA wiping the content off of YouTube. Now, my connections in the National Wrestling Alliance, well, they’ve diminished over the years. This was all news to me. And the word on the street is that the NWA is actively working to get back into production. I mean, they’ve been saying it for over a year now. But they keep saying that they’re gonna get back to it. And we were further led to believe that this was the case. When they picked up the contract. They extended the contract for Nick Aldous. Speaking of Nick Aldous, he recently even said on a podcast, that the conservative guests for a return to action would be sometime this spring now for what it’s worth, the first day of spring is March 20. exactly three weeks from today. 20th just
also happens to fall on a Saturday, coincidentally enough. So it’s a bit expected why the National Wrestling Alliance would wipe that slate clean
on YouTube. I
mean, we just we don’t know why they decided to do that. So the first thing I did was I jumped on YouTube and began to examine, examine these allegations. And yeah, there’s no content available. Not sure what it means if anything, but the YouTube NWA channel recently removed all content from the page. No more 10 pounds of gold. No more NWA power, no, Shockwave And lastly, no carny land. So you know, it’s not all bad news. Now, the caveat to that is the NWA really, officially hasn’t deleted these videos.
No, no, no, no.
Now I found out by using that you can actually see that the videos have gone
At least all of the most recent videos I had checked, or private, they weren’t deleted. Now I saw someone else prove this theory by clicking on old links to those YouTube videos. And again, those videos were were never said to be missing or deleted, but they were private. And that’s important to understand. Because of the videos, you know, they could have removed them for numerous reasons. And maybe this is a precursor to actually deleting them. The good news is, at least for now, the NWA power series all 20 episodes 21 episodes, excuse me is still available on fight TV. It’s available there for free. Now there is no 10 pounds of gold or Shockwave. And thankfully, there’s no connection to anyone. But you know it. Again, self righteous fans, these self entitled fans thinking that this free content should be available forever.
It just isn’t.
So after sleeping on the implications of what this could mean, I reached out to a few industry insiders to find out. What What is this all about. And for the record, neither of them and I spoke to have direct involvement with the National Wrestling Alliance. And it would only speak to me under the cloak of animate anonymity, easy for me to say. One suggestion is this, this was just a big giant mess up. Now we’re 24 hours into it. or excuse me, we’re not even 24 hours into it. We’re about eight G’s. Now I think about it, we’re just over like 13 hours into this. So I mean, this could have been just a big oops. But as I look at, you know, the other parts of this and kind of what my initial thought was, is that this means that they’ve lined up a distribution deal somewhere else. Now, I talked to someone familiar with YouTube, and monetizing content. And what what they basically said to me is that, you know, YouTube doesn’t pay very well. And this isn’t, this isn’t really news to anybody. You know, I researched, you know, literally Google, what is the what is the rate that you earn per view on YouTube. Now, that number is super, super flexible, super. And it varies, it varies from time to time. Now, according to influence maker hub comm as of August 21 2020, the actual rates and advertiser pays varies usually between 10 cents to 30 cents per view, that averages out at 18 cents per view. So on average, the YouTube channel can receive about $18 per 1000 ad views. And that equates to about three to $5 per 1000 ad views, or video views, excuse me.
if we can assume that the NBA receives the low cost of these per views, I mean, just simple math, 10 cents of view, with 100,000 views a month is still about $10,000. But I was told that that was actually on the high side. Now the NWA YouTube channel has 212,000 subscribers currently. And according to Social Blade, the NWA was still averaging roughly 25,000 views a week. Now, keep in mind, guys, they haven’t added any new content since what December. And before that, it was much longer. So you know, if you look at what the NWA did, in the last, you know, year, they roughly had 100,000 views a month. And those numbers were higher at the peak of NWA power, and even NWA Shockwave. Because you have to remember when those shows were filming, and airing, you know, week after week, you’re getting 200,000 180,000 190,000 per episode, when you have a new episode every week. I mean, you’re adding on top of that content, and your views are going up. And with the inactivity of the NWA. It brings down that average, but if you imagine if we lived in a world where COVID never came and and the NWA continued, as it was doing, receiving between 200 to 100,000 views per episode, they would have smashed, it would have smashed over 100,000 views in a month. They would have smashed over you know, that 25,000 views a week hell they would they would kill that. It’d be like to let’s say, if it was just those the same numbers as Shockwave, they would be doing still 100 k views a week that’s 400,000 a month. That’d be like, like 480,000 You’re right, I think. So, needless to say, you know, the revenues, the revenues from the YouTube channel would be higher if there was more content coming in. And the monetization of the pre existing content is diminished every day that there isn’t new content. You know, their daily averages have dipped, to about 90 cents to $14 a day. The yearly estimates are between $323 and 5000. a month or a year, excuse me. Now, that’s according to Social Blade. And again, these are rough estimates. These aren’t these aren’t facts, these are estimates. You know, nothing I’m saying here is factual because we don’t have facts. Billy Corgan hasn’t made an official statement. You know, not only that Billy Corgan hasn’t made a statement. We haven’t heard anything from officially from anyone within the National Wrestling Alliance. Even even Dave Marquez had to put out a post. Hey, guys, you know, I know that you guys think of me as part of the NWA. But I have no idea what’s going on with this

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