The NWA comes up short in New Japan

Credit Puroresu Spirit

(4) NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship Match: [90th Champion] Jushin Liger vs. [Challenger] Chase Owens
◆Winner: Liger (7:49) with a European Clutch.
~ 2nd successful title defense.
~ Liger accepted Tiger Mask IV’s challenge for the belt.

(5) NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: [90th Champion] Rob Conway vs. [Challenger] Hiroyoshi Tenzan
◆Winner: Tenzan (11:50) with a Moonsault.
~ Conway falls in defense. Tenzan becomes the 91st champion.
~ Kojima challenged Tenzan for a singles match. This will mark the first time the two have competed against one another in a singles match in nearly 10 years.

Chase Owens failed to recapture the NWA World Junior Heavyweight nwadomedglobeChampionship for a forth time, losing to Liger. And Hiroyoshi Tenzan surprised many by snatching his first NWA World Heavyweight Championship. On top of that Tenzan busted open NWA President Bruce Tharpe’s nose by headbutting him. No word as when the NWA Contingency will return, but word is, they will be bringing reinforcements.

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