The NWA brings back Danny Nieves to promote NWA Lucha Americana in the Midwest. first learned of Danny Nieves back on August 27th. At that time it was being announced that with the help of NWA Oklahoma, NWA Lucha Chicago bring the NWA name back to Chicago. And it would be a few weeks later on September 9th. that we would learn of the huge main event that would later create controversy for the seemingly quiet NWA. Danny Nieves promotion was going to use Fusion Pro Wrestling’s Florida Heavyweight Champion, The Sheik and place him into a match up with the Worlds Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr. Many remarked on the genius booking decision. The Sheik a 12 year veteran of Puerto Rican and Florida rings, who was known to travel all over the United States, the first Mexican Born wrestler to hold the title. A battle of to unlikely opponents, that many people were excited about.

And all of the momentum came to a screeching halt. Due to some disagreements between the NWA Office in the Midwest and the fledgling promotion, the party decided to split. The title match was off and many fans wondering why. All the hoopla of NWA Lucha Chicago was gone. All Danny Nieves could tell me is that he was heartbroken about the decision.

In a strange turn of events, Danny Nieves is back promoting the NWA name again, I received confirmation of this via email on Saturday. According to Eric Sax, ” Danny Nieves is the promoter of NWA Lucha Americana Midwest. He is borrowing the name and trademark of NWA Lucha Americana in co-operation with Carmine DeSpirito of NWA SW/ LAI.” Will this lead to the much talked about match between Blue Demon Jr. and The Sheik? Will this lead to a return to Chicago IL? Check out message board to discuss more.

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