The NWA announces first Pop Up Event, January 5th

From the NWA President and Owner, Billy Corgan it was announced on NWA Ten Pounds of Gold: Through These Eyes that the NWA will now promote POP UP  events.  Borrowing from contemporary retail concepts, the pop up model is to create a short-term sales place.  Here in the United States towards the end of October vacant retail spaces become home to costume shops in hope of cashing in on Halloween.  The concept has spilled into other avenues with pop up themed restaurants and even concerts.  It is the NWA’s hope to promote pop up wrestling events.

The first such pop up event will take place in Clarksville Tennessee, on Saturday January 5th.  In  conjunction with Tried N True Pro Wrestling, the NWA plans to have all three champions, (National Championship, Woman’s Championship, and the Worlds Heavyweight Championship) defend their titles.  In addition the event will also host a qualifying match for the Crockett Cup Tag Team Tournament that was initially announced at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show.  Tickets for the event can be purchase online at  First row tickets have already sold out for the event.  There are still tickets available for on the floor for $30.  General admission selling for $15.

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