The New Hollywood Heritage Champion is a Bad Dude!


After just a few moments of brawling, Tito hoisted up the champion, brought him down crashing to the mat with his The F5 and the referee made the three count.  The crowd grew quiet as the referee’s hand slapped the mat for the third time.  For what seemed like eternity, the crowd was silent.  The an explosion erupted from the fans in Port Huemene at the Oceanview Pavilion.  And just like that an era had ended in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.  Bad Dude Tito brought an end to the 672 day reign of “Pretty” Peter Avalon’s Hollywood’s Heritage Championship.

Peter Avalon famously opened the first episode of CWFH losing to Colt Cabana.  Avalon was the United Wrestling Network TV Champion but vacated the title after winning the CWFH Hollywood Heritage Championship.

Over the course of nearly two years Avalon defeated the likes of; YUMA, Scorpio Sky, Tyler Bateman, Shane Strickland, Ricky Mandel, Colt Cabana, and WWE’s Curt Hawkins to maintain his status of Hollywood Heritage Champion.  Avalon had even defeated Tito before.  Around the waist of Avalon the title traveled to United Wrestling Network affiliates CZW and CWFArizona.

Tito’s meteoric rise was not unlike Avalon’s. The Bad Dude Tito first showed up in 2011 as part of Joey Kaos’ Congregation.  Shortly after that Tito would team up with Rico Dynamite as Los Bandidos.  The Bandidos would win the Heritage Tag Titles and hold those titles for 161 days.  Tito would later  join Vermin and was the muscle behind the group.  Tito would work his way to the top of CWFH.

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