The National Wrestling Alliance officially have new Owners.


The National Wrestling Alliance has officially become a registered trademark of Lightning One, Inc.  Lightning One, Inc. owns the the trademarks for merchandise and for entertainment services.  In addition the marks that were previously owned by International Wrestling Corp LLC, now reflect new ownership in Lightning One, Inc. (which filed for Articles of Incorporation in California on December 7th 2011.)  The National Wrestling Alliance ownership was previously a collaborative of promoters as Pro Wrestling Organization, LLC from 1998 until 2012 when a lawsuit against the organization and its now former management by one of its members and its most recent Owner/President, R. Bruce Tharpe, the organization came under Tharpe’s ownership through International Wrestling Corp, LLC.  The purchase had been in negotiations since March 2017.  Despite rumors, no factual dollar amount has been discussed publicly with regards of how much the brand was purchased for.

There have been relatively zero changes to the current operation model from a public standpoint.  The NWA website appears to be business as usual.  with the exception of the change in the copyright.  It should also be noted that the links to the On Demand site have been removed.  It’s also should be noted that the still lists International Wrestling Corp, LLC has the owners of the copyright and trademarks.

As of right now, there is no official word on what will become of the On Demand service.





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