The Mitchell Report: NWA Fusion Throwdown before Shanghai Showdown

[Saturday] night I was fortunate enough to witness not one but two what I’d call old school wrestling matches. First one was Damien Wayne and Mike Booth. Great storytelling. Hard hitting. Don’t believe me you should’ve seen Mikes chest. Had fans on the edge of their seats the whole time. Neither worried about getting there stuff in they just went out and worked their asses off.

Second match was Lance Erikson and Preston Quinn. Alot of people outside of the Mid Atlantic might have never heard of PQ but PQ is one of the best big men out there in my opinion. Lance is as well. Another hard physical match. I remember a couple forearms but other than that I don’t recall a single punch thrown. They went out and wrestled. And wrestle they did.

Also will point out that none of the four went around and slapped hands with the fans or in DW and Lances case as the heels went around trying to draw heat. Hell DW and Lance drew heat the moment they walked through the curtain. Same thing with Mark Bravura when he comes out.

I’d just like to thank all four. DW Lance PQ and Booth for proving that there are guys out there who still know how to wrestle and not worried about sports entertainment. NWA Fusion for being an organization that is based out in the middle of the country has a truly great talent roster and great loyal fans as well.

For Complete Results of the Show, please click here

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