The Man, The Myth, The Mofo

Enjoy this interview with the charismatic and outspoken NWA Continental Champion.

  • Q: First off Mofo thank you for your time. Seems you have really been on a roll as NWA Continental champion. Whats it gonna take for someone to beat the Mofo for the gold?

  •  A: Well first off you are correct. The Mofo has been on a roll. He’s beaten the best that NWA Fusion has to offer from Brandon Day to “The Soft Spoken Psychopath” Pat Cusick to “The Geordie Bulldog” Sean Denny to “Diamond” Victor Griff to “The Pain Train” Preston Quinn to “The War Horse” Larry Horsley to guys outside of NWA Fusion nobody has been able to hang with the Mofo for a long long time. As for what it will take for someone to knock off the Mofo and take the Continental Title, well that’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma surrounded by a conundrum tied up with a muddle. There’s a reason that nobody has been able to figure out how to beat the Mofo for the Continental Title and that’s because beating the Mofo is harder than finishing Rubix Cube blindfolded wearing oven mitts. The best in the business wrestle for NWA Fusion and the top wrestlers from around the country are coming into NWA Fusion to try to pry the Continental Title from around the Mofo’s waist so there will be challenges in the Mofo’s future, but it’s gonna take someone great on their best day catching the Mofo on his worst day to even have a chance.

  •  Q: You and Sean Denny have quite the history. Now Denny is on the shelf because of 2 concussions you gave him. What have you got to say to Sean and do you feel any remorse for provoking him last week knowing he was in bad shape and causing him to collapse in the middle of the ring?

  • A: You seem to be saying the same thing that the Mofo has been hearing time and time again over the last several weeks. Everyone is blaming the Mofo for provoking Sean Denny into physicality when he hadn’t been cleared for any of that, but let’s be honest, Sean Denny has a bad temper and it has always gotten him in trouble. He’s a guy who has multiple charges for Grievous Bodily Harm on his record. The fact is The Mofo didn’t lay a hand on Sean Denny until AFTER he had been attacked. Sure the Mofo slapped Marky D in the face, but am I supposed to believe that Sean was really protecting the little brother who he has held down for years and who he attacked completely unprovoked at Shanghai Showdown and at Mayhem? Denny was foolish to attack the Mofo after the Mofo had given him not one, but two concussions. The fact of the matter is Sean was lucky that he collapsed before the Mofo could defend himself or Sean Denny and his oatmeal brain would’ve been scrambled again.

  • Q: You recently had strong words for Chance Prophet. Where does your hatred for him stem from and when do you think the 2 of you will finally meet?

  • A: The Mofo’s hatred for Chance Prophet started out as a hatred based on general principle, but has turned in to complete contempt for the man specifically. The Mofo can’t stand emo freaks. He can’t stand that pro-wrestling has somehow become a haven for whiny little twits who want to cry about how tortured they are and how hard their lives have been. People want to suck on the teats of these losers who cry about “not getting booked on shows” or how “they are part of the 99%” or how people made fun of them for being small or fat or different. Who gives a damn? The Mofo couldn’t care less about these whiny little punks and their issues. Pro-wrestling is supposed to be a bout tough guys fighting for championships, money and glory not whiny and crying about their feelings. The Mofo can’t stand that crap. And he can’t stand these painted face freaks who slap some grease paint on their ugly mugs and point a flip cam at their face and talk some ridiculous garbage about being tortured or demons and try to talk with a stupid fake gravelly voice that sound like total garbage.  Quite frankly they are all disgraces to the sport of professional wrestling and I can stand them. A guy like Chance Prophet just makes it worse because the guy has actual talent. He’s a talented wrestler who doesn’t need to be such a freak, but obviously there is some defect in his psyche that he feels the need to compensate for with all this garbage. The Mofo doesn’t care about his personality problems. He doesn’t care if he has some kind of inferiority complex because he had to grow up in a pathetic backwater hole like West Virginia. He doesn’t care if he’s momma beat him like a red headed stepchild for being so ugly. He doesn’t care if he got dropped in a moonshine still. He doesn’t care why Chance Prophet is such a freak. He just cares that freaks like him give the sport a bad name and disgrace it any time they are connected to it and when the Mofo finally gets the chance to get his hands on that freak he’s going to exact years of anger and frustration of seeing goofs like him tarnish the sport out on that bumbling backward freak.

  •  Q: You had a chance last year to have a couple tryout matches with TNA. Talk a little about that experience and have you been in contact with them since?

  •  A: I have nothing, but good things to say about the experience of working with TNA. It was interesting to see how things are run and an honor to compete in their ring and get to have conversations with legends like Hulk Hogan, Sting and Kurt Angle and top stars like Bully Ray, James Storm, AJ Styles, Chris Daniels, Matt Morgan, ect. I would love any opportunity to go back again

  • . Q: Explain your situation with Marky Denny. Why do you constantly berate him? He stood up to you last week when his brother collapsed. How did you feel about that and you have to think there is going to come a point where he is gonna say enough and come after you.

  • A: One of two things is going to happen with Marky D, he is either going to come to his senses and get back with the Rapture program or he’s gonna get run out of professional wrestling for good. Our arrangement has always been a business arrangement. The Mofo saw the way that Marky was being used and abused by his brother and decided to give Marky and opportunity to make a name for himself and step out from his brother’s shadow. The Mofo didn’t do this out of the kindness of his heart, he did it because he wanted to at Sean Denny. He knew that turning Sean Denny’s brother against him was the most devastating his could do to him and that’s exactly what The Mofo did. He showed Marky D the truth that his older brother had held him down and taken advantage of him for years. Once Marky saw the light he achieved more than he ever had before. He won his first ever singles championship. Things were going great and we were well on our way to achieving our goal of running Sean Denny out of NWA Fusion, but Marky let his success go to his head. He decided that it was more important for him to be the Alpha Champion then to stick to the plan to get rid of Sean. So he brought in Shorty Smalls and he told us that since Shorty trained Sean that he would know how to get rid of Sean better than anyone, well that failed miserably and suddenly Marky had a change of heart didn’t want to worry about his brother any more or go after his brother any more. Well getting rid of his brother was the only reason Marky D was in the Rapture and he just needed to realize that. I guess somehow along the way Marky got an attack of conscious, but facts are facts. Sean hates Marky. The Denny family hates Marky. He doesn’t have any friends left and he were to cross the Rapture then nobody would have his back and we would end his career in a flash so the only chance he has to stay in the sport and keep all of his limbs intact is to stop listening to the fans and get back to doing what he is told and hope that he can somehow finally get back in our good graces.

  • Q: Whats the future hold for the Mofo? Besides Prophet is there anyone else you wanna call out in the NWA? When is the Mofo gonna throw his name in the hat for the world title?

  • A: The number one thing the future holds is keeping the Continental Title where it belongs around the Mofo’s waist. Second is getting the tag team titles back where they belong around the waists of A1. Third, is getting Sean Denny out of NWA Fusion and getting Marky D back with the program. Fourth, is handling these guys who have come back to NWA Fusion and seem to think that they are just going to walk in and just win the Continental Title. Brandon Day and Damien Wayne are having huge deals made about their returns, but people forget that The Mofo beat Brandon Day for the Continental Title and he was the one who helped Victor Griff run Damien Wayne out of NWA Fusion. So if they think that they are going to come back to NWA Fusion and just walk out with the Continental Title then they are sorely mistaken. As for anyone else that the Mofo wants to call out, there is nobody that the Mofo doesn’t want to call out. If you are above the Mofo on the top ten contenders list then the Mofo wants to get his hands on you. If you hold a championship in the NWA or out of the NWA, The Mofo wants you in the ring. If you think you are a bad dude then step up and let the Mofo see how bad you are. And if you are running around with the NWA World Heavyweight Title then the Mofo definitely wants a shot at you and he doesn’t care if you are named Colt Cabana or Adam Pearce or anything else. The Mofo deserves his chance at the ten pounds of gold. Preston Quinn put his name in the hat to get a shot and since he has NWA Fusion General Manager Spencer Chestnutt backing his play, the NWA Board of Directors sees fit to put him in line and set up a series of guys for him to beat and if he beats them then he gets a shot at the champion. Well they are forgetting that the Mofo has beaten Preston Quinn and the Mofo is the Continental Champion, but somehow he hasn’t gotten a shot at the NWA World Champion and that is ridiculous because nobody, NOBODY, in the NWA has done more to earn an opportunity than the Mofo.

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