“The Everything Is Better With” Aden Chambers Interview

Q: First off Aden lets talk NWA Fusion. Specifically your partnership with Brandon Day. Day is adored by the Fusion fans while you aren’t exactly in the good graces of the Fusion fans.  You and Day won your first match in the Fusion tag team tournament but weren’t exactly on the same page. Do you think you two can coexist going forward

A: We absolutely can Brandon Day is a fantastic talent.. and he just got better with Aden Chambers. Regardless of outer appearances or what the perception may be with 2 people like us focused on 1 goal the inevitable is that we wil achieve what we set out to accomplish.. we will just do it better
than anyone will expect.
Q: Also last Saturday Day was in a 4 Way match for the NWA Continental title when you accidently cost him the match. Day wasn’t very happy. What all did he say to you in the ring and back in the locker room?


A: You stand corrected. I didn’t cost Day anything, I was there for support while the sharks circled him trying to pray on his morals and cheat their way to a victory. Sometimes whether you want to admit it or not, you will need support. Day has someone he can rely on in me, and his trust gets better every day, Trust is better with Aden Chambers.
Q: You recently competed in War Games for ECWA Describe the experience from being in a match that is so brutal?


A: It was my 2nd war games of my career. I don’t prep for situations like that.. I feel like that’s what everyone does. I go with my gut in situations like that and stay in the moment. It’s going to be chaos regardless & your mind/body will be brutalized.. might as wel use both as a weapon and work for that victory.


Q: Almost a year ago you suffered a broken femur and hip. How are you feeling these days from that injury and do you stil have lingering effects?


A: Physically I have no problems at all, I can stil go as hard as I did prior in the ring. Mentally it was a rough climb. A lot of hesitation for a long time like your mind wants to do things but your body prohibits it. It’s exciting now, doctors all said I wouldn’t be even close to performing at the level I once did for years, and here we are just about year later, and im stronger and smarter than ever be
Q: Your obviously a great athlete and have great endurance. If NWA Fusion came to you and said pick one guy on the roster to have a 60 minute Iron Man match with who would you choose and why?


A:  Mark Bravura.  Not because he is the champion, but because he is a proven winner.  At the end of the day.. there’s no pictures on the scorecard, when you win that’s all that matters.  He’s so well versed in so many aspects of wrestling that it’d be an outstanding clash, plus despite what anyone thinks, he has earned & deserves to be respected which does not come easily.  I’d love to put him to the test and see how far we could push one another.  Sean Denny gets a close 2nd.


Q: In 2008 you won the Super 8 tournament. How did it feel to win a tournament that other great stars like Jerry Lynn, Christopher Daniels, Austin Aries have also won?


A: Winning the ECWA Super 8 even now to this day doesn’t seem real, 4 years later.  I respect ECWA, Jim Kettner & professional wrestling as a whole so much, so to share in a tradition & perform on a stage with a group of people who has as much passion if not more for pro wrestling is an amazing feeling.  The kicker being to perform at their level and succeed while doing it, which I’ve always felt I am capable of doing when given the opportunity.



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