The Best of Blue Demon Jr.

Lucha libre legend Blue Demon, Jr. stormed the NWA and became the first masked and first Mexican wrestler ever to win the NWA Worlds Title. Now, fans can relive over two hours of the best of Demon’s matches in the NWA plus a legendary bonus match as Blue Demon, Jr. and Hijo Del Santo go one on one.

Seven Blue Demon Jr. Matches
With Psicosis vs. El Hijo De Santo & Rey Misterio Sr.
With L.A. Parka vs. Psicosis & Super Parka
With Mil Mascaras vs. Super Parka & Atlantis.
With Pentagon Black & Psicosis vs. El Hijo De Santo, L.A. Park & Rayo De Jalisco.
vs. Joey “Magnum” Ryan
vs “Old School” Oliver John
vs. “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce
Bonus match:
vs. Hijo de Santo.

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