The Alliance Roundtable Part 2

The Alliance is for the Fans. Three friends meet up in Atlanta Georgia to discuss in a Round Table format what they liked about Night 1 of the NWA Television Taping and how they became fans of the National Wrestling Alliance.

Community has always been an interesting by-product of professional wrestling. Professional Wrestling fandom encompasses all walks of life. The NWA is not any different. The Official; Unofficial NWA fan club is a group of friends who have met through the efforts of Adam Rotella, who helped galvanized a fanbase with NWA related content. Originally the group of friends (who linked up on twitter) met up in Nashville Tennesse at the NWA 70th Anniversary show. From there they met up in Charlotte North Carolina for the Crockett Cup.

Jay Cal met up with Dawn, Stan, Larry, and Big Al in Atlanta on Monday and Tuesday to be at the debut tapings of NWA POWERRR. During the three days while Jay was in Atlanta, he efforted to create content. This video introduces New Japan Stan and the Dawn of Wrestling to Jay Cal’s Alliance as they talk about the National Wrestling Alliance and how they became fans of the NWA present and its rich history.

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