The Alliance Report Feb. 7th 2011 = NWA in Review

On a weekend that many wrestling fans would take Sunday off and tune into the Worlds Largest Football game, the NWA press forward with some incredible action.  This weekends results and news have huge implications for the rest of the National Wrestling Alliance in 2011.

By 2-1 decision, the winner and reigning NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce

“The Maestro of Wrestling” the Stro came into Rand West Virgina with a spring in his step.  A renewed sense of determination as he was finally getting his long anticipated shot at the NWA Worlds Champion.  This would mark the first time the NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce would defend his title in West Virgina.  Stro being a four-time NWA Mountain State Champion hope to parlay his recent success into a Worlds Championship bid.  After 45 minutes of two competitors not being able to best one and other, a decision would be reached by judgment.  Not typical of the NWA, but not unheard of either, the conclusion of Pearce and Stro was determined by  Joe Rage, Larry Light, and Bulldozer, who voted 2-1 in favor of the reigning champion.  It should be noted that Bulldozer has been advocating his own opportunity against the Stro.  Pearce will be in Hollywood for the television taping, next week defending against Aaron Bolo, and then off to Texas and Mexico. 

The Sheik punched his ticket for a Worlds Championship Match

The Sheik answers the challenge of NWA Executive Director.  With the backlash of his malicious pre and post match attacks, Trobich threatened to remove Sheik’s number one contender status if he was not victorious in consecutive, back to back challenges against the NWA National Champion, Phil Shatter.  Under promise of Jihad, The Sheik did infact retain his North American Championship and kept his status as Number 1 contender to the Worlds Title.  By defeating the “Universal Soldier” at Xtreme Limit in Waukesha WI. on the 4th and again on the 5th for NWA Supreme in Streator IL, the Sheik has punched his ticket.  Word is the match will not happen until May.

NWA World Jr. Championship returns to Japan

Craig Classic all but guaranteed he will in fact be in Japan for ZERO1’s Tenth Anniversary Show.  Classic defeated former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tony Kozina twice in a two days.  Although his reign is in its infancy, Classic is in the process of cementing his legacy as a dynamic Jr. Champion.  Baring an upset in Florida, later this month, Craig Classic will be defending the World Jr. Championship against Munenori Sawa in Tokyo, Japan.  
Gunning for the Gold, Chance Prophet challenges NWA National Champion Phil Shatter

After coming up short against the Sheik twice this weekend the “Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter will defend his champion against the former National Champion and reigning NWA Dawg Pound Champion, Chance Prophet.  This match was set to take place nearly a month earlier, but was postponed due to issues with the building.  With the issues resolved, the match will now take place next Saturday.  One would have to venture that perhaps the battles with the Sheik are starting to take their tole on Shatter.  Is he healthy enough?  Will he be at 100%?  Chance Prophet, although remaining active has not had the battles Shatter has had.  Will the 2 year reign of Phil Shatter end in West Deptford New Jersey? 

New Championship Reigns in NWA Midwest

Friday Night NWA Xtreme Limit crowned a new NWA Heartland States Champion when Derek St. Holmes defeated Matt Winchester in Waukesha Wisconsin. The Heartland States Championship has helped to establish some of the top stars of the NWA in the last 5 years. Former champions include “The Machinegun” Karl Anderson, “Skull Krusher” Rasche Brown, both whom went on to become World Tag Team Champions, and it should be noted that “The King of Oldschool” Steve Corino also previously held that championship when he returned to active wrestling in the United States. This is coming off the heels of the Sadist narrowly defeating former NWA Midwest Heavyweight Champion, The Sheik and the crowning of a new Midwest X-Division in Oliver Cain.  Cain successfully defended the title against Da Cobra.

The NWA’s reach in Tennessee has grown again 

Joining Main Event, Top Rope, and Chattanooga, will be Smoky Mountain.  The four promotions will now carry the NWA Banner in Volunteer State. 

NWA Australia to crown new ZERO1 NWA United National Heavyweight Champion

Meltdown 2011 presented by NWA Pro Wrestling Australia is just under two weeks away.  This show will be highlighted by the crowning of a new ZERO1 NWA United National Heavyweight Champion.  The announcement of a new NWA United National Heavyweight Champion predates the announcement of ZERO1 rejoining the NWA.  This title from all reports will become the primary championship for NWA Pro Wrestling Australia.  The first two entrants into the tournament are both former NWA Australian Champions Robby Heart and Jayson Cooper.  The tournament will fall under Round Robin rules, where the winners of their respective matches will go into the night’s Main Event and face off for the Title! The match brackets have yet to be decided.  This is set to explode into Cosgrove Hall as the best wrestlers from around the country compete in a night of back breaking, bone crunching action. This event is entertainment for people of all ages and it is a great night out for the family, so dont miss out and get your tickets now!

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