The Alliance Guys Podcast: talkNWA Free For All

New World Junior Heavyweight Champion, new North American Heavyweight Champion, new changes to the Best of 7 Series, NWA Woman’s Championship Match Scheduled for Saturday Night….

There are more than just a few things on the table to talk about this weekend on The Alliance Guys Podcast: talkNWA.  Last weekend we spoke to Chase Owens who became the new World Junior Heavyweight Champion, but not without a bit of controversy.

Carson put an end to Shaun Temper year plus long reign… how do you all feel about Carson as new champion?

Lets not forget our friend Tasha Simone puts her Womans World Championship on the line against Kacee Carlisle.

And the NWA Board of Govenors remove sanctioning of the Finale to the Seven Levels of Hate, we want to know how you feel about this.

All of this and more… Saturday 1:30PM, 10:30AM Pacific

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In association with, The Alliance Guys Podcast is a thirty minute live podcast for the fans of the NWA to discuss in real time, their views and opinion on the National Wrestling Alliance, along with providing the latest news and information from across the NWA.
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