The Alliance Guys Podcast: s10; e3

Jay Cal flys solo on this episode of the Alliance Guys Podcast. Jay talks about how Shane Douglas throwing down the title ultimately grew the brand and which former Worlds Heavyweight Champions will be joining the NWA Studio show on September 30th and October 1st.

Twenty-five years ago today, what ECW did to start their revolution nearly killed an institution.  Once the “Franchise” Shane Douglas tossed the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to the ground and declared himself the ECW World Champion, he nearly extinguished the flame of the National Wrestling Alliance.  However much like the phoenix rising from the Ashes the NWA rebuilt, grew, and has become what it is today.  

On this episode of the Alliance Guys Podcast we’ll take a look at what happened to the NWA after it’s desolation by ECW and how the NWA finally got redemption.  We’ll also speak about which World Champions could appear on the NWA TV Show that’s set to tape Sept. 30th in Atlanta Georgia

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