The Alliance Guys Podcast: NWA POWERRR Recap

The Alliance Guys Podcast has been the podcast of record for the National Wrestling Alliance for nearly 10 years. In those ten year, Jay Cal, DKM, and Jaden have spoken to the who’s who of the National Wrestling Alliance.

On this episode of The Alliance Guy Podcast… Jay Cal and Jaden chat about the first episode of #NWAPOWERRR. The duo talks about what was good and bad about the NWA’s first offering. Jaden goes shares an anecdote about Caleb Konely. Jay talks about his first-hand experiences from the Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios. Jay talks at length about Tim Storm’s history with the NWA and the Ten Pounds of Gold. Make sure you listen for Jaden’s rant on Jocephus and the Kingdomnites. The Alliance Guys Podcast is in 10th season and is a presentation of The Premier Source for news and information for the National Wrestling Alliance.

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