The Alliance Guys Podcast: Interview with Ricky Starks

Nick Aldis has constantly referred to Ricky Starks as the “1st Round Draft Pick” of the National Wrestling Alliance. And with good reason in such a short time Ricky Starks has become one of the shinning stars of the #NWA and it’s weekly show #NWAPOWERRR. “Absolute” Ricky Starks has leveraged himself into the TV Title Tournament that is taking place Friday at #NWAHardTimes. But furthermore, he has proven he isn’t the rising star of the National Wrestling Alliance, he is THE STAR of the NWA.

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Alliance Guys Podcast is in the 10th season and is a presentation of The Premier Source for news and information for the National Wrestling Alliance. The Alliance Guys are DKM, Jaden, Kevin Douglas, and Jay Cal.

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