The Alliance Guys Podcast: Hail Hail Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll is dead? No Hail Hail Rock N Roll. Nine weeks of television leads up to the moment that the Rock N Roll Express win their 9th NWA Tag Team Titles at NWA POWERRR. Jay Cal and Kevin Douglas talk about the highs of low of NWA POWERRR One Last Time.

On this episode of the Alliance Guys the fellas recap NWA POWERRR: One More Time.

Kevin Douglas and Jay Cal approve of this weeks offering of NWA POWERRR. After what the Alliance Guys agree was a misstep last week, the duo agrees that this show was a step in the right direction, Leading to the NWA PPV Into the Fire.

James Storm believes he’s a victim of the NWA’s conspiracy. Nick Aldis believes Storm is going to be a victim of his own aspirations.

Melina explains why she’s in the NWA, which creates a confrontation between the Woman’s Champion and Melina’s Birds of Prey.

There is a direct look at the Question Mark as he invades the Wrestlecade Convention as well as the confrontation of former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion and Japanese Wrestling Legend the Great Muta and the “National Treasure”, Nick Aldis.

Lastly, the Wild Cards (Latimer and Isaacs) defend the NWA World Tag Team Championship against the Rock N Roll Express (Gibson and Morton). Kevin is not a fan. Jay and Kevin go back and forth on the merit of using wrestlers past their primes.

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Alliance Guys Podcast is in the 10th season and is a presentation of The Premier Source for news and information for the National Wrestling Alliance. The Alliance Guys are DKM, Jaden, Kevin Douglas, and Jay Cal.

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