The Alliance Guys Podcast February, 17th | NWA POWERRR | NWA NEWS

All hands on deck. This is going to be a BIG show for many reasons, the least of which are the results of Saturday’s NWA USA program and Tuesdays NWA POWERRR.

This past Saturday night, in Oak Grove Kentucky, Matt Cardona became your NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. Lost in the headlines, Chris Adonis lost his National Championship at POWERRR TRIP as well.

Two matches have been announced for the Crockett Cup 2022. And with these match announcements, we will discuss how these matches could potentially change the Spring Classic Tag Team Tournament. 

Plus we’re going to talk to you, the #NWAFam!  So join us to #talkNWA.  We will recap, review, retcon, and reconsider POWERRR and all things NWA.  

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