The Alliance Guys Podcast August 5th | Alliance-Wrestling | NWA POWERRR RECAP

On this episode of The Alliance Guys Podcast;  

Fans of the National Wrestling Alliance mourn the losses of The Assasin (Jody Hamilton), Bert Prentice, and “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton. It’s been a rough few days, just another reminder that life is fragile. Share your stories of these legends with us.

Kamille has an opponent announced for EmPOWERRR… courtesy of AEW.

Busch Light will be sponsors for the NWA At the Chase

POWERRR will be releasing a BONUS episode of POWERRR.

This week on #NWAPOWERR the Champion Series continued. 5 matches on POWERRR felt surreal. Lady Frost vs. Kenzie Paige, Crimson vs the Mystery Man, The 4 Way featuring the Alternates, Kratos vs Tyrus, and in the Main Event Jax Dane vs. Slice Boogie. 

Let’s #talkNWA #NWAFam #HamSammich #Jabroni

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The Alliance Guys Podcast has entered its 13th year, putting a spotlight on the talents affiliated with the NWA and the United Wrestling Network.  Breaking down the news and information for the NWA and the UWN; Jay Cal DKM, and former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kevin Frazier give you uncensored insight and context.  The Alliance Guys Podcast airs weekly on Thursdays at 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific. 

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