The Alliance Guys Podcast | A Chat With David Marquez | The Alliance Guys Podcast | NWA News & Information

You never know who might just join the Alliance. Last night, former NWA Promoter and Producer extraordinaire David Marquez decided to jump with the Alliance Guys. Dave was extremely transparent about his time with the NWA. He responded to criticisms of the NWA. And gave insight into the direction of the NWA going forward.

This was completely impromptu but very enjoyable. We decided mid taping to break formats to continue our chat with David who was fielding questions from the guys and the chat.

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The Alliance Guys Podcast has entered its 15th year, spotlighting the talents affiliated with the NWA and the United Wrestling Network. Breaking down the news and information for the NWA and the UWN; Jay Cal DKM, Jaden, and former World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas

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