The Alliance Guys: Featuring Kevin Douglas

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Bloody MDHIt’s been almost two years since The Alliance Guys started talking about Modern Day Hero Kevin Douglas. In 2011 Douglas had a mission, to prove he was pound for pound the best in the world. On October 7 of that year he took his biggest step toward that goal by winning an 8-man tournament to become the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion. In 2012 his mission was to restore his championship to its past glory. Wrestling coast to coast, wrestling on different TV shows, and being the main event for several cards, Douglas once again succeeded in his mission.

Now in 2013 his mission is to restore “wrestling” to the world of professional wrestling, but this has become more than a just a mission, this has become a revolution, it has become a “WAWR”. Doing what is right for the fans, if not necessarily popular.  The Dark Hero has put together an army that includes the likes of Big Josh, Rodney Mack, Jazz, Chuck Moore, The 300 lb Manimal, Jamie Holley, James Ranft, Yul Hubbard, and Anthony Black. They are not limited to any one promotion or any one area.

What are their goals? Find out as Kevin Douglas joins us on the Alliance Guys Podcast.

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