The Alliance Guys: Featuring Jax Dane

Jax Dane is one of the brightest stars of the Southwest for the National Wrestling Alliance. On this episode the Alliance Guys Podcast we connect with the Branded Outlaw Wrestling Champion to discuss the NWA in Texas and more.

What are the images that pop into your head when you think of Godzilla?  How about a Giant?  How about Destruction or Devastation?  If you can pull of a nickname that includes Godzilla, it means that you are one bad dude.  “The Vanilla Godzilla” Jax Dane lives up to the reputation of being big, hard to stop, and leaves a path of destruction where ever he goes.  Whether teaming with Rowe or as a singles wrestler is making a big name for himself in Texas

When Jax joins the show we’ll talk about how Bryon Wilcot robbed the “Vanilla Godzilla” of his Lonestar Heavyweight Championship when Wilcot pinned  “Cowboy” James Claxon at the most recent NWA Houston Event.  We’ll ask the reigning Branded Outlaw of Wrestling Champion about his upcoming match on August 17 against former WWE and ROH Wrestler Charlie Haas.   We will inquire about Dane’s recent debut at NWA SAW, reuniting the Path of Resistance. We’ll also discuss the NWA World Champion and Jax’s close friend Rob Conway, who won the championship subbing for an injured Dane.  Since becoming Champion, Conway has traveled to Japan to defend the title twice; we’ll ask Dane what it was like to be in Conway’s corner in Japan.  Plus we’ll discuss what is going on in his home state of Texas, his thoughts on the current top contenders in the NWA, and his future plans, including if he has any plans to challenge his close friend.

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