Thank You Keny, Rest in Peace

We are sad to report the passing of St Louis area wrestling promoter and friend to all Keny G.

Keny had been suffering from lung cancer, even having one lung removed. On December 4th his daughter, former NWA Woman’s World Champion and the current Women’s of Wrestling Champion posted on Facebook that the cancer had returned and the doctors couldn’t do anything. Keny is survived by his wife Luanne, his five children, and a grand daughter.

Known on the independents at “TNT” Keny G, worked as a wrestler and later a promoter and a wrestling manager in St. Louis area. His wrestling promotion was known as High Voltage Wrestling. When not promoting he managed both Ricky Cruz and Tokyo Monstar Kahagas to NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship Matches against Adam Pearce. It was during those lulles in the Midwest that Keny G helped to bring excitement back to the area and would promptly promote the NWA.

On a personal note Keny G was a friend to the Alliance. As this website was establishing itself as a source for news and information and a corresponding podcast, Keny G was always available for podcasts and interviews. Having him on the talkNWA podcast was always a treat, because you knew he would spend a good amount of time telling you how wonderful the Dynamo Pro Show would be this weekend or he’d even encourage his daughter Santana, or the wrestlers he was managing albeit Kahagas or Vega to make an appearances, because he knew it would help with the podcast listens. And in instances a guest didn’t show up, Keny would be more than happy to talk about all things St Louis Wrestling and NWA Midwest.

Keny had nothing to gain putting over this website. His kindness will never be forgotten.

Rest In Peace Keny, you will be missed.

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