Thank You

By Adam Pearce

These are but two simple words, but within them is a gratitude that frankly I struggle to express.  When I set out on what I called my “One Last Ride” tour back in July of 2011 (yes, it’s been THAT long, and yes, I regret naming it that), I never dreamed that I would have received the kind of support that flew my way, especially as it pertains to the #7LevelsOfHate series with Colt Cabana.

I was a guy coming off a pretty serious neck/nerve injury, just looking to go out on my own terms, and instead found myself in the middle of something that has affected me in such a profoundly positive way.  Being able to do what I love and truly being appreciated for it brings about an incredibly proud humility; one that I have been so fortunate to have felt time and time again along this journey.

I’ve been so blessed to have had the chance to work with friends old and new, in many corners of our globe, and in front of truly incredible fans; and for perhaps the first time in my seventeen years in the industry, I have consciously stopped and taken the time to really and truly appreciate what I was doing.  I know first-hand that sometimes a job becomes a monotonous routine, and even if you don’t want to, you lose sight of why you are doing it in the first place.

“One Last Ride” was as much about giving back as it was not taking for granted what I had been given, and realizing that has been as big of a gift as anything professional wrestling has ever given me.  But it would be flat wrong to say that my passion was rekindled through “One Last Ride”.  My passion for this industry never left; I simply discovered how to channel and share it with people in a way that I hadn’t been able to before.

To every person that I’ve shared a ring, locker room, car, plane, train, beer, pizza, conversation, uncomfortable silence, etc., with, the message is simple:

THANK YOU.  You have no idea how much I have come to appreciate every single one of you.

Now before this gets too sappy, let me get to the three important things that I set out to announce when I started writing this…

ONE: If enough demand is there, I will personally see that a #7LevelsOfHate DVD and Documentary are produced.

TWO: My so-called “One Last Ride” tour is over.

THREE: I will NEVER leave professional wrestling.

So promoters…you want a quality guy on your event with a proven track record, respect for the artform, and more than anything else, passion? Well, you just found one. Thanks in advance for helping me continue to share it with the world.


Work hard, live truly, love easy.


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