Ten Pounds of PodCast #30

Ten Pounds of PodCast is an NWA Wrestling podcast and ALL IN countdown. 80 days till ALL IN. Wow do I feel better today. May have lost two subscribers but those are the party poopers of America. Talking about the three-way match from championship wrestling from Hollywood. Josephus brainwashed Crimson? Brainwashed? Since when did reading become brainwashing? All this and more in this episode of Ten Pounds of podcast an NWA Wrestling podcast and ALL IN countdown. My Channel: I chat about what I LOVE and RESPECT about Wrestling. I dedicate a LARGE portion of my content to the NWA. I approach my content as if I already work for the company. Because to get the job you have to do the job first. I am NOT a member of the mainstream Wrestling media. My opinions are my own and are not connected to any company in anyway (yet). I am on a quest to achieve a life long goal of working within the Wrestling ecosystem. I would love for you to come along for the ride.

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