Ten Pounds of PodCast #16

Ten Pounds of PodCast is an NWA Wrestling podcast. Plus All In Wrestling News. In this episode I chat about all in being 94 days away. NWA wrestling matches coming out well after they happen. China footage. Plus the upcoming a three-way match and the two visitors I would love to see you there. All of this and more on this weeks episode on today’s episode of 10 pounds a podcast and ended WA wrestling podcast. Plus all in wrestling news podcast.

My Channel: I chat about what I LOVE and RESPECT about Wrestling. I dedicate a LARGE portion of my content to the NWA. I approach my content as if I already work for the company. Because to get the job you have to do the job first. I am NOT a member of the mainstream Wrestling media. My opinions are my own and are not connected to any company in anyway (yet). I am on a quest to achieve a life long goal of working within the Wrestling ecosystem. I would love for you to come along for the ride.


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