Ten Pounds of Gold. Featuring Blue Collar Wrestling’s BJ Darden.

Badd BloodWelcome to “Ten Pounds of Gold”, where we talk to the best the NWA has to offer. I’m your host, Scott Brown. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with BJ Darden, NWA Blue Collar Wrestling’s media manager out of Portland, Oregon. We discussed the promotion and it’s roster, their history and their future. Here is what we had to say.

Scott Brown: Can you give us a little history on NWA Blue Collar Wrestling, as well as who is the promoter/owner, how it got started?

BJ Darden: NWA Blue Collar Wrestling was founded Labor Day weekend in 2011. Tex Thompson, Tommy Celcious and Badd Blood decided to start a company free of politics, where guys can come entertain the fans and bring the rich tradition of the northwest wrestling scene back to its roots.

Scott Brown: Wrestling has seen a resurgence in Portland with Portland Wrestling Uncut, PDX Wrestling, DOA, West Coast Wrestling Connection in addition to NWA BCW. Is there competition between these promotions or cooperation?

BJ Darden: There really isnt any competition between us and these other promotions. We all have a different type of product and the fans have a chance to see several products and styles. It makes for a great wrestling enviroment for all.

Scott Brown: Tell us about KOUV radio and Blue Collar Wrestling’s relationship with them.

BJ Darden: KOUV radio is a internet based radio station that not only provides us with some amazing online live radio podcasts, but extremly amazing video production.. Here’s a little secret I can share with you. We just set up a deal with gofightlive.tv to host a weekly NWA Blue Collar Wrestling show. More details will be announced on the NWA BCW Facebook page soon.

Scott Brown: Who is John Q Rapsalot and what is his involvement with BCW?

BJ Darden: John is one of our newest commentators.. He brings with him a new style to BCW as a backstage reporter and a color commentator. He’s got alot of insight and it’s gonna be awesome to watch him grow as a member of the NWA BCW Family.

Scott Brown: The Faction is dominating BCW. Who are the members of the group and what is the group’s history?

BJ Darden: The Faction started in the summer of 2012. It has had many members come and go, guys like Wonderful Zack Winters ,Big Vicious, LTP, but the members that are most activley involved are the current NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion, “The Ghetto Heisman” Badd Blood, the Current NWA Pacific Northwest Television Champion “The Gresham Saviour” Buddy Highway, “Mr Attitude” Tony Steston and Keith Adkins . This group started because they got tired of the politocs in wrestling. They have held more titles in BCW than any other group in history.

Scott Brown: BCW and The Faction are involved with Smak Dabs and Sign Guy Radio show. Tell us about them.

BJ Darden: Smak Dabs is a local eatery (in Portland) that is a sponsor for BCW. Just like Pattie’s Home Plate. Both have amazing food and both are fully supported by Blue Collar Wrestling. Sign Guy’s radio show is a podcast ran by the Senior Referee, Sign Guy. He’s had many of the top indy, as well as major stars on his show and we’re honored to be part of that.

Scott Brown: Tell us about the feud between the Cowboys, the Moonshiners and the Faction and the upcoming Wargames.

BJ Darden: Well over the last few weeks The Faction has been attacking various members of the NWA BCW locker room and there was an attack on Tex Thompson, who is one half of the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champions, along with Lonestar (The Cowboys). Then both Moonshiners and lastly Tommy Celcious we’re attacked. The challenge was laid out last Sunday. The BCW locker room is ready to fight back and The Faction seems more than ready for this challenge.

Scott Brown: What is The Faction’s issue with The Empire?

BJ Darden: The Faction thinks they are the top stable in the NWA and they seem to feel threatened by the fact that The Empire has not only the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship, but the NWA Western States Heritage Championship. They see the Empire getting all the press and it upsets them. It’s been said that since the NWA President liken them to the Clan of the old NWA Northwest fame, they have a chip on their shoulders and I can only see excitement ahead if these two groups meet in the ring.

Scott Brown: Darkness is one scary guy. What is he doing in BCW and where did he come from?

BJ Darden: Darkness is a very scary guy and he just came out of nowhere. He’s undefeated in NWA action and I can see him going after one or all of the major titles in the NWA.

Scott Brown: Mother Trucker Otis and Buddy Highway recently had a no DQ match in BCW. What is the history of their feud?

BJ Darden: Well a few weeks ago Buddy defeated MTO in a title match and afterwards Badd Blood came out and they beat MTO up. MTO is a close friend of Tommy Celcious, so once he got a rematch last week Tommy had his back.

Scott Brown: Badd Blood and Buddy Highway both have” best of” DVDs for sale on NWARingside.com. Tell us about the best matches on each DVD.

BJ Darden: Well after watching both DVDS I’d have to say Badd Blood vs. CJ Edwards for the newly resurrected NWA Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Title was awesome. And the “Best of Buddy Highway”, I’d have to say his match with Erik Hanson.

Scott Brown: What is the history between Faction members, Keith Adkins and Tony Stetson?

BJ Darden: Both men have been tag partners and rivials. They have fought in some crazy matches but they fooled the entire NWA by joining the Faction .

Scott Brown: Who is Tommy C?

BJ Darden: Tommy Celcious is a founding member of Blue Collar Wrestling and has been all over the country. He’s held several championships and is a talented vet in the business. He’s one of the men most of the rookies look up too.

Scott Brown: The last Pacific Northwest TV champion, before the NWA titles were resurrected in March of this year, was a guy named Scotty the Body. He became better known as Raven. Any chance he will get a title shot at the title he never lost?

BJ Darden: If Scotty The Body, or Raven, wants a shot at the NWA Pacific Northwest Televsion Championship I’m sure the office would love to have him. Buddy Highway did issue a open challenge so it’s out there just waiting to be accepted.

Scott Brown: Some BCW talent recently worked with Alpha Ω Wrestling and Spokane Anarchy Wrestling. What can you tell us about those promotions and others that BCW talent frequent?

BJ Darden: Well, the NWA is a very large group of promotions and both Badd Blood and Buddy Highway travel alot, defending those titles they hold. They both were just in California for Alpha Omega Wrestling and both retained their championships. JB Moonshine has travled to Spokane Anchary Wrestling and LB Moonshine has traveled there, as well. Darkness has appeared at AOW, as well as Tommy Celcious. The NWA BCW locker room is top notch and plans on growing.

Scott Brown: Tell us more about the BCW roster.

BJ Darden: The NWA BCW locker room has some of the best talent on the west coast. From vets like The NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champions, “The Cowboy” Tex Thompson and the very talented Lonestar, not only are they the current NWA Pacific Northwest Tag Team Champions, but both men have held the NWA BCW Heavyweight Title and have both carried tag team titles from several promotions. Together they have over a decade of experience unlike any other.
Demarcus James and CJ Edwards, the high flying duo known as the DMOB. They have held every title in BCW and other promotions as well. These young lions are ready to explode on the scene and make a huge impact within the NWA.

The Moonshiners are a team to beat. Along with their father, PA Moonshine, they have not only beaten the tag champs, but both have shown that they are ready for the gold.

The NWA BCW Heavyweight Champion, Petrov, has shown that he’s not only hungry for gold, but he’s hungry for respect. He’s ready to set the NWA on fire.

Tommy Celcious is a seasoned vet who at any moment could become a champion and has shown it, as he was the first ever NWA BCW Heavyweight Champion. He has the skill and the know how to get it done.

Scott Brown: Is there anything else the fans should know about Blue Collar Wrestling?

BJ Darden: NWA Blue Collar Wrestling has a show every Sunday night. 6pm bell time at 7611 NorthEast Exeter Street, in Portland, Oregon at The House of Action. Don’t miss it!

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