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At EMPOWERRR, Marti Belle and Allysin Kaye became NWA World Woman’s Tag Team Champions. Known as Team Hex, the pair of Kaye and Belle made their triumphant return to the NWA. By defeating KiLynn King and Red Velvet, Team Hex became the first set of NWA World Women’s Tag Team Champions since 1983.

What happened to the titles?

1983 was the last time the NWA Women’s World Tag Team Championships were active. At the world-famous Stampede in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The team of Penny Mitchell and Velvet McIntyre defeated Joyce Grable and Wendi Richter to win the titles. After a brief hiatus, McIntyre would begin defending the WWF World Women’s Tag Team Titles with her new partner Princess Victoria. Likewise, Richter would swap her partner with Peggy Lee and the ladies continued their feud.

Tag Team Tournament

EMPOWERRR was an effort to showcase women empowerment. The NWA President, William Patrick Corgan afforded Mickie James Aldis the opportunity to book this event. Adding the Women’s World Tag Team Championship.
In the first match saw, Team Hex defeated Hell on Heels. The formula was divide and conquer for Michelle and Seven. Most of the match focused on Marti taking a lot of offense from Hell on Heels. In true babyface in peril fashion, once making the tag the odds evened up for Team Hex. A hot-tag from Belle to the former World Woman’s Champion saw Kaye clean house. Team Hex won by delivering the Hex-clamation point to Rene Michelle.
The second tournament match saw AEW’s KiLynn King and Red Velvet defeat the Free Babes. The Free Babes are second-generation wrestlers. Miranda Gordy is the daughter of the Fabulous Freebird member Bam Bam Gordy. Jazzy Wang Yang is the daughter of Jimmy Wang Yang, who had a long career in WCW and WWE. Hollywood Haley J is the daughter of Amazing Maria, a six-time OVW women’s champion. Haley wasn’t actually part of the match but managed to take some shots at the AEW team. King was a powerhouse. Gordy matched her. A miscommunication issue between the Free Babes resulted in King connecting with her finish, the Kingdom Falls. Allowing King and Velvet to advance in the tournament.
In the finals, Team Hex and Team AEW met. The teams were equally matched. King and Kaye matched each other in Power. The finish saw AK use Red Velvet as a weapon to knock down King. Team Hex finished off Red Velvet using a modified version of the AK 47, with an addition kick to the face from Marti Belle.

What’s Next for Team Hex?

The NWA doesn’t have an established tag team division. But already Teryn Terrel’s team of Jennacide and Paola Blaze have made overtures at the champion.

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