TCW Show 13-41

Traditional Championship Wrestling logo 2Fair is fair…and I’ve run out of fair references. We finish up at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville with a great show. Looking back at the events leading up to this show, we see the return of a couple of favorites in TCW.

After the recap of the previous show, Colonel Parker is on the phone with Ricky and Robert as they try to make their way to the arena. King Shane Williams comes back, crown in hand, and looks to make amends after being caught in a crossfire.

Sigmon interrupts the meeting and, as usual, manages to irritate Parker. So Williams is welcomed back and given Sigmon as an opponent in his return.

The reason for the phone call in the first place was to make sure Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson (The Rock & Roll Express) make it to the arena to go up against The Empire (Steve Anthony and Golden Boy Greg Anthony). Matt Riviera is at ringside to make sure The Empire can hold their own against the former Tag Team champions.

And we look back at what might just be the Shocker Match of the Year – Dan The Beast Severn against Vordell Walker.

Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson host with interviewer Jason Jones.

Features “Psycho Intentions” by Reign of Fury, “Blind Faith” by Method of Doubt and “Maverick” by Sudden Verge – all available for download on iTunes.

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