#TBT Harley Race vs. Terry Funk | NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship (FULL MATCH)

Harley Race is the 8x NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion winning his first title from Dory Funk Jr. His legacy of carrying the famous Ten Pounds of Gold stretches two decades and his impact on the National Wrestling Alliance is still being felt today through The National Treasure Nick Aldis.

This NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship match is from Houston Wrestling promoted by Paul Boesch. Terry Funk vs. Harley Race for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship.

Terry Funk, like his brother Dory Funk Jr., wore the NWA World’s Championship during the 1970s. The Funk Brothers are the only brothers to hold the title. Dusty and Cody Rhodes are the only father and son to hold the title.

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