talkNWA: Tony Kozina (#45)

Make your plans to join Tony Kozina on talkNWA Saturday 1:30PM EST

It was once said “Controversy Creates Cash.”  We at talkNWA love cash, you can send us some.  But one of  the most outspoken controversial figures to return to the talkNWA podcast is none other than former NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Tony Kozina.

On the last podcast Kozina joined us for, he was very critcal of the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Tournament.  Since then, Tony along with former ROH World Champion Davey Richards and former ECCW Standout Kyle O’Riley have taken the NWA by storm.  Kozina, Richards and O’Riley have tormented Chase Owens in Smoky Moutain, worked over Prophet in Bluegrass, and just recently Kozina and company have declared war on the NWA.

This week we’ll ask Tony about these declarations, if his thoughts have changed on the Junior Heavyweight Division, and the new Team Ambition Wrestling School.

All this and more on talkNWA Saturday’s 1:30PM Eastern, 10:30AM Pacific.

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