talkNWA: Ricky Cruz (#37)

When Ricky Cruz joins talkNWA this Saturday, in preparation of his showdown with Adam Pearce some of the regular listeners might not know who Ricky Cruz is.  Cruz has made quite the reputation for himself in Puerto Rico and Mexico holding multiple titles along the way. Being a regular in Puerto Rico for sometime and now looking to make his mark on the NWA.  We’ll talk to Cruz what lead to this match and what a victory over the four time NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion would mean for Cruz.  We’ll also talk to Cruz about how he landed in the Midwest working with NWA Dynamo Pro.  We’ll also ask Cruz about his beginnings in Puerto Rico, training with Sangre Tainia and the Kaintai Dojo.  We’ll also dicuss his matches with Mesias and what he’s hoping to accomplish in the NWA. 

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