talkNWA: PWI’s Frank Krewda Saturday May 19th 1:30PM Eastern

I remember as a younger man, running to the local convience store
plunking down my allowance money and purchasing the newest edition of
PWI.  Pro Wrestling Illustrated is recognized as the sport’s number one
magazine since its inception in 1979. Our guest this week Frank Krewda
is the Editor-In-Chief of the PWI and has been since 2008.  From
1997-2000 Frank was an assitant editor and while on hiatus still
contributed to the magazien as a freelance.    Publishing for 33 years
PWI still is one of the most influential wrestling publications.  When
Frank joins us on talkNWA, we’ll talk about How
the NWA has impacted PWI over the years, Nick Madrid’s Rookie of the
Year Runner Up, The World Famous PWI 500, Frank’s thoughts on the
current direction of the National Wrestling Alliance and why the
objection to the NWA’s claim to the World Championship status.
All this and more on talkNWA Saturday’s 1:30PM Eastern, 10:30AM Pacific.

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