talkNWA: Kevin Douglas #51

"The Modern Day Hero' Kevin Douglas

"The Modern Day Hero' Kevin Douglas

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Kevin Douglas returns to this weekends talkNWA.  For months Team Ambition or more importantly Tony Kozina has been tearing into the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Division including Douglas.  Douglas retaliated in a war of words on twitter and on youtube.  They’ve had encounters in NWA Smoky Mountain and to be honest, I am sensing some genuine dislike for the trio from the champion.

Douglas has been having an outstanding summer traveling from coast to coast defending his World Championship against all commers taking the Junior Heavyweight Title to Television for NWA Hollywood, NWA On Fire, NWA Mountain State, and NWA Smoky Mountain.  We’ll talk to Kevin Douglas about his journey, his thoughts on his television appearances, what he has in store for Team Ambition, and what he thinks of his PWI Ranking.

All this and more on talkNWA Saturday’s 1:30PM Eastern, 10:30AM Pacific.

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