talkNWA: Jerry Lynn (#42)

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New F’n Show, New F’n Show, sure the moniker was used in ECW and that was quite some time ago, but Jerry Lynn was always the little engine that could.  If you go back to his days in Global and the extended Light Heavyweight Championship Feud with Sean “X-Pac” Waltman, to wearing the mask of Mr. JL and putting on some of the best matches in the WCW Cruiserweight Division, Jerry Lynn always put on some of the most exciting matches on the card.  He was one of the Innovators that shaped the early days of TNA’s X-Division, he held the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship and too many championships and accomplishments to mention. 

 Not too long ago, Jerry Lynn announced he be retiring at the end of 2012, but with his involvement of Extreme Reunion and potentially Extreme Rising, plus his debut in the NWA DAWG proves he still has gas in the tank.  We’ll be talking to Mr. JL about his time working with so many National Promotions, his thoughts on the current direction of wrestling, and his reign as World Champion of ROH and ECW.  We’ll also be asking Lynn about his up-coming match with Damien Wayne who is currently the NWA DAWG Heavyweight Champion.  

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