talkNWA: FREE FOR ALL (#41)

Hooray for FREE FOR ALL.  That’s when talkNWA opts to have no guest.  We have no format, we just want to talk about wrestling.  What’s happening in the National Wrestling Alliance?  Is there a wrestler we should see?  Do you have a hot feud in your promotion you want to talk about?  Do you want to tell a story about a favorite match?  Call in… we have time for you, let’s lament about the NWA like only fans can.

talkNWA goes live on Saturday June 23rd 1:30PM Eastern, 10:30 Pacific.

(646) 478-3019
In association with, talkNWA is a thirty minute live podcast for the fans of the NWA to discuss in real time, their views and opinion on the National Wrestling Alliance, along with providing the latest news and information from across the NWA.
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