talkNWA: Chase Owens & Tony Givens #58

By the decree of Chase Owens himself, One way or another, On Saturday, October 13 in Kingsport, TN the “Chase for the Gold” will conclude. Owens will either defeat World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Douglas for the title or he will never wrestle in his home area again. Owens has had several matches with the reigning NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, but has been unsuccessful in defeating him for the gold.
Chase Owens will join the podcast to talk about his upcoming match with Douglas, his pursuit of the World Junior Heavyweight Title and more about himself. Also joining the podcast will be Tony Givens. Last time Tony joined us we spoke about the controversy between Douglas and Tony Kozina. We’ll also talk to Tony about Smoky Mountain’s merger with PWF and their expansion, thoughts on the NWA and this new kickstarter project.

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