Talkies: Guest of the Year 2012

Guest of the Year for The Alliance Guys Podcast wasn’t an easy choice.  We’ve had over 30 Guests this year talking about the National Wrestling Alliance.  And although we enjoyed our conversation with all of our guest very much… it came down to three guests.

Kevin Douglas joined us twice this year, to talk about being the pound for pound best wrestler in the NWA.  He talked about taking the title to places it hadn’t been seen in years, as well as his feuds with Nick Madrid and Chase Owens.

Tasha Simone gave a great break down of her thoughts on Women Wrestling, Being a World Champion, and representing the National Wrestling Alliance.

But in the end, it was the Mofo from NWA Fusion who was guest of the year.  Mofo was a veritable sound byte machine.  His rant on the site, he inspired an Alliance YouTube Video.

Again we thank all of our guest for joining us in 2012.  Thank you.

Mofo: Guest of the Year

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