Talk NWA with Famous B Saturday, Feb. 4th 2012, 1:30PM Eastern 10:30AM Pacific

The Metoric Rise of Famous B didn’t happen over night.  Often noted by as the hottest free agent in Pro Wrestling Today, Famous B isn’t just a flash in a pan.  His pursuit of fame was forged out of hard work, dedication, pain, and triumpth at the Santino Brother’s Wrestling Academy.  Famous B went from working to lesser known names to being the highlight of the night.  A staple in Southern California, it has become increasingly difficult to find a wrestling show Famous B is not a part of.  Being one of the highlights at NWA Hollywood, or working in top promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla or showing up on Pay Per View for the Urban Wrestling Federation, Famous B is without a shadow of a doubt, the hottest agent in pro wrestling and he’ll be joining us on Feb 4th!
We’ll be talking to Famous B about his appearances through out the NWA, his upcoming PWR Junior Championship, working with PWG and the UWF and find out what’s next for B .  All this and your calls.


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